Connecting on a Global Scale

Olivia - Western ConnecticutThe International Youth Advisory Board has provided me with opportunities that I wouldn’t have experienced anywhere else. I was able to connect with other youth from all over the country and Canada. I established bonds that double as great friendships and valuable connections.

Being on the board really gave me a feel for how international YVC really is. Before I had applied I figured that YVC was just a local thing to benefit my city, but after being accepted I realized how huge and impactful this organization really is on a global scale. It felt great to be a leader within this organization and have a direct say in things such as Summer of Service t-shirt designs and future Summit details.

IYAB - Summit 2013 (27)_croppedI had the ability to help plan big, international service projects such as Global Youth Service Day and hear all about how it played out in various parts of the country.

I am so thrilled to have been a part of this board this year and suggest that anyone interested apply immediately. This experience will equip you with stronger leadership skills, new friendships and a whole new view of the Youth Volunteer Corps!

Olivia Harris volunteers with YVC of Western Connecticut and is a member of YVC’s International Youth Advisory Board. She had such a great experience on the 2013-2014 IYAB that she’s reapplying for next year’s term.