Come Together: Youth Making a Big Impact


Once a year something really quite magical happens. Youth from across the United States and Canada come together to connect with one another, build leadership skills and be inspired at YVC’s annual Summit.

After participating in poverty IMG_3845simulations and learning about leveraging passion for good, youth stepped out of workshops and into the community, eager to get to work. Around seventy volunteers from the Summit marched down to the Brush Creek Community Rain Garden—nestled away at Theis Park in the heart of Kansas City, Missouri— ready to get their hands dirty and transform this small but mighty piece of land.

The garden, originally created by students at the Kansas City Art Institute, is designed to educate the public about the advantages of capturing rain water where it falls and using native plants to help it soak into the soil instead of running off the surface. The youth were given an overview of the purpose of the garden and set to work preparing the land for the impending winter months. They removed dead grass, hauled rocks and edged the entire perimeter of the garden. Once the dead brush was cleared away, the youth aided the flowers and bushes in spreading their seeds to the newly exposed soil.

When all was said and done the Master Gardener called the youth together and thanked them for their efforts,
letting them know that in just over one hour of service, they had completed what would have taken their community volunteers about six months to complete! YVC volunteers completely transformed this piece of land. They made a real and tangible impact and saw first-hand that coming together can truly make a difference.