Alumni Spotlight: Ariel Green

Ariel Green, YVC of Baton Rouge alumna.

Ariel Green served with YVC of Baton Rouge from 2012-2013. She is currently a senior at Southeastern Louisiana University majoring in Social Work with a minor in Management. We caught up with Ariel and asked her a few questions on how volunteering with Youth Volunteer Corps has shaped her life.



What is one of your favorite memories as a member of YVC?

“My favorite memories as a member of YVC were distributing holiday care packages to individuals in the service and meeting new people. Giving out care packages was a humbling experience. It made me better appreciate the work of our soldiers, my necessities and spending time with family and friends. Before this event, I did not realize the extent of military duty, their need for supplies, and the time required away from others. From start to finish the packages were packed with thought and love.

Meeting new people can be a challenge to many. There are many uncertainties and possible downfalls that can take place when forming a new relationship with someone. When I wanted to meet friends at YVC I learned if I would just be myself I would attract the right people. At YVC I met kind, happy, and genuine people. Many workers of the organization were great leaders and examples to the youth. Since stepping out of my conform zone, I have met all kinds of people from different walks of life. This is a great memory because as a member of YVC, I learned no matter what age, ability, or race a person was, we all had the same heart and mission in mind which was to serve.”

How did being a member of YVC affect your life/career path?

“Being a member of YVC has affected my life in a positive way. I am so grateful my mom decided to sign me and my sister up to be a part of this organization. Volunteering at a young age has taught me the importance of giving back and serving others. It has also led me to other great volunteer opportunities. As far as my career path goes, I believe I was led because of my faith, time with this organization, and the influence other people had in my life.  I am currently a senior at Southeastern Louisiana University majoring in Social Work with a minor in Management.”

What is one of your biggest life events from the past 5 years?

“One of my biggest life events over the past 5 years was a change in relationships and acceptance of friends. Many times in life we do not realize that the people we choose to walk with play a major part in our future. For many years I struggled with letting go of peers who no longer added value to my life. I would get so attached to their good company [that] I missed how their friendship did not measure up to mine. Outgrowing people has left me alone many times. During this time I learned that I was being protected from relationships that kept me still and from moving forward. I realized what a true friend was and that people from my past could not go with me to my destiny. I am now blessed with motivated, growing, loving, and true friends. Many of them today have more to offer than the people I left behind like wisdom and truths.”

What’s a unique fact about you that people don’t know?

“One unique fact about me that many people do not know is I can sing. I love to sing around the house and in the car. Growing up I was involved in the youth choir and sang in the young adult choir with my mother. I love music and I desire to be a better singer/soloist. In the future, I wish to continue at singing and perfect my gift.”

Is there anything you want YVC alumni to know about you now?

“I aspire to change the world and minds of many for the better by showing them a new perspective on life. “

Thank you to Ariel for taking the time to speak with us and share more about her life and how YVC has helped her find her path. 


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