​The YVC STEM Grant is made possible by the Sunderland Foundation. This grant provides funding for service projects that are focused on STEM (science, technology, engineering, or math) initiatives.


Only active YVC affiliates in good standing are eligible for affiliate grants. Affiliates in good standing are current on all fees or dues payments, data collection, or reports for YVC (as applicable). Grant funding preference is given to affiliates who maintain fidelity to the YVC model, effectively follow YVC’s eight program standards, provide timely and comprehensive reporting, respond to Headquarters staff, and participate in Summit.

STEM Project Examples

  • Tutoring younger children in STEM subjects
  • Projects that involve environmental science such as habitat restoration, gardening, soil analysis, etc.
  • Projects that involve nutrition or food science
  • Financial projects that include math elements
  • Projects that involve coding/programming (i.e. building a website or app)
  • Analyzing water quality in local lakes and streams
  • Using CAD (computer-aided design) to design a product or building
  • Creating Arduino circuit boards
  • Installing solar panels
  • Building wind turbines

Application Information

  • Successful applicants will demonstrate a STEM-related initiative that teaches various STEM skills to youth. You are encouraged to reach out to local STEM companies/associations or high school STEM teachers, etc. to help teach the necessary skills during projects led by YVC. Also think about how you can include STEM elements into your already-existing projects. For example, when working in a community garden, focus the project on learning plant parts, growth stages, pollination, or nutrition to make it STEM-related.
  • Affiliates applying for the YVC STEM Grant can request funding ranging from $500 to $25,000. To get an idea for how much funding to request, we suggest targeting $30/hour of service or $150/youth volunteer (i.e. If your project will total 400 service hours, you could request $12,000. If 100 youth volunteers will participate, you could request $15,000.) These are not requirements but numbers to target.
  • Applicants should demonstrate their ability to effectively administer their requested level of funding.
  • Applicants will need to submit a budget in the application for their project. Include any costs related to supplies, staffing, YVC shirts and promotional material, marketing and recruitment costs, snacks, transportation, etc. that is related to the project. You may also include in your grant request any general resources your program needs that may not be specifically for that project but may benefit it (i.e. hiring a part-time team leader, renting a truck to haul supplies, renting a space where projects may be held, purchasing a laptop that will allow your staff to complete grant reports, etc.).
  • Have a smaller-scale STEM project? Consider applying for the Retroactive Sunderland Grant instead.

Grant Review and Award 

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis from March 1 to December 31, 2021. The YVCHQ Affiliate Services Team will review proposed projects on the first or second Thursday of every month. Applicants will receive notification of awarded or denied funding within a week of review.

Grantees will receive the first half of their grant award up front and the second half after successful completion of their project.

Outcome Reporting

If the STEM project will take two months or less to complete, the grantee will need to submit one grant report upon the completion of the initiative. If the STEM initiative will take more than two months to complete, grantees must submit a mid-project and an end-of-project grant report (due by May 31, 2022) including total number of youth involved, the number of hours served, and number of project days. Grantees will be required to submit photos and videos from their initiative, with volunteers wearing properly branded YVC apparel in the majority of, if not all, photos. Grantees can submit grant reports here.

DON’T FORGET: You will receive a confirmation email after successful submission of your grant application. If you do not receive one, please try again and contact YVCHQ to ensure successful submission. You may also begin writing your grant and save your progress and finish it at a later time, although we encourage you to save your progress in a separate Word document as well.

Questions about eligibility or the submission process? Email Pam Oberdiek or call us at 816-472-9822.