6 Steps to the Best Summer Ever

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If you’re spending any part of your summer volunteering with Youth Volunteer Corps, it’s bound to be an amazing summer. The mix of hot sun, new friends, hard work, and making a difference will surely make this summer unforgettable. But we have a few tips to make sure that it’s even more incredible.

Follow our six steps to make this summer the best ever:

1. Volunteer on as many projects as possible.

Fill your summer with making a difference, and you’ll see that volunteering just might make a difference in you.

2. Step out of your comfort zone.

Try something new! This could be a new project, stepping into a new role on your project, or even just offering to go first in an icebreaker game.

3. Meet new people.

It’s always fun to volunteer with old friends, but make sure to take the opportunity to get to know some new people too. Split up from your friends sometimes to work on a task for a while, and you may meet a new best friend!

4. Challenge yourself.

Set a goal for yourself with each individual task. Serving at a nature sanctuary? Count how many wheelbarrows of bark mulch you can load in an hour. Working at an organic farm? Set a challenge to weed an entire row of crop in a certain amount of time. Compete against yourself and your friends to get even more done.

5. Share your experience.

Make sure to tell others about how you’re spending your summer! Share your story and connect with other Youth Volunteers serving throughout the U.S. and Canada using the hashtag #YVCsummer.

6. Relax and have fun.

Volunteering can be hard work, but it should also be fun! Make sure to take a step back and enjoy your time. You’re truly making a difference this summer, so enjoy that feeling of accomplishment and celebrate!

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