3 Simple Youth Fundraisers


Looking for simple ways to raise money for a youth service project or youth group trip? Here are three fun ideas that youth can take the lead on:

1. Flamingo Flocking Fundraiser

Instructions: Buy a pack of 10 pink plastic flamingos. (You can buy them at Wal-Mart.) Choose 10 yards in which to place the flamingos, and think of family friends, neighbors, coaches, etc. that would find it funny. Put cards on the flamingos that state that for a $10 donation, you will remove the flamingos, but for a $15 donation, you will move the flamingos to a yard of their choice. (State that you will remove the flamingos for free in case a community member does not want to donate.) Be sure to include the phone number and email address of a contact person on each card. Place the flamingos in the yards overnight, and wait for morning to see your hard work pay off!

Hint: If the flamingo flocking takes off in your town, you can offer $10 “Pink Flamingo Insurance” to community members. The insurance will protect their yard from a pink flamingo invasion.

2. The Money Wall Fundraiser

Instructions: Place 200 envelopes, numbered $1-$200, on a wall. Post a sign on the wall inviting community members to place a donation that corresponds to the envelope amount in each envelope.  Have youth create a colorful display about what you’re raising money for to include on the wall. Locate your Money Wall in a well-traveled spot, such as the main entrance of your school, church or organization.

Here are some numbers to get you excited about this fundraiser:

100 envelopes filled ($1-$100 amounts) = $5,050

150 envelopes filled =$11,325

200 envelopes filled = $20,100

3. Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding utilizes youth’s social media skills by raising money through an online platform. First, set up an account with a crowdfunding website (crowdrise.com and fundly.com are two options). Both websites allow you to set up a nonprofit fundraising account where you can explain your project and enter your monetary goals. Second, share the link to your account with all your youth. Direct everyone to blast their social media accounts with this link and ask parents to share, too. When sharing on social media, explain why you’re excited about the cause you’re raising money for, and invite friends and family to donate at the link.

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