2020 Affiliate Grants

We know that having reliable funding is a huge factor for a successful youth service program, so we offer grants to our affiliates as often as we can. Check back in throughout 2020 as we offer more grant opportunities to our affiliates! Grant details and applications are available in the Affiliate Login.

The following grant opportunities were made possible by the Sunderland Foundation. The Sunderland Foundation has partnered with YVC to fund projects that help youth to cultivate trade skills and explore their interest in manufacturing and construction. According to Forbes Magazine, the manufacturing and construction industry have one of the hardest segments of the workforce to staff with skilled workers. Sunderland is working with YVC to provide opportunities for youth to build their confidence in these skills and consider careers in these areas.

Retroactive Sunderland Grant

The Retroactive Sunderland Grant is an opportunity for funding to be available on a rolling basis to YVC affiliates for construction projects that they have already completed. These grants range from $375 to $4,050. Please go to the Affiliate Login for more details and to apply for this grant.

Building Our Brand Grant

The Building Our Brand Grant helps affiliates purchase subsidized summer shirts for their youth. To receive this funding, affiliates are asked to complete one construction related project during the year.

Big Build Grant

This grant is YVC’s largest and most competitive grant opportunity, with grants ranging from $2,000-$40,000. The Big Build Grant was created to increase the number of project hours in order to have a greater impact on our communities and youth volunteers through large construction-related projects.


The YVC Summit 2020 service project was a network-wide Canstructure competition in which affiliates built structures out of donated canned goods to benefit local food pantries. We had 127 youth volunteers from 10 affiliates participate in 558 hours of service for this competition. In total, they collected 9,101 canned goods to donate to their local communities. Our International Youth Advisory Board voted on the winner of this competition, which was YVC St. Joseph! Each participating affiliate received a grant from the Sunderland Foundation for their Canstructure project, and the winner received an additional $1,000 award.