2019 Affiliate Grants

We know that having reliable funding is a huge factor for a successful youth service program, so we offer grants to our affiliates as often as we can. Check back in throughout 2019 as we offer more grant opportunities to our affiliates!

The following two grant opportunities were made possible by the Sunderland Foundation. YVC’s partnership with Sunderland aims to increase the development of and interest in trade skills prevalent in manufacturing and construction, which has been one of the hardest segment of the workforce to staff with skilled workers (Forbes Magazine). Funding from Sunderland Foundation acts as a catalyst for building/construction-based volunteer projects within the network.

Big Build Grants

The Big Build Grant is YVC’s largest, and most competitive, grant opportunity to-date, with grants ranging from $11,000-$30,000. The Big Build Grant was created to improve the outcomes of our entire network through large construction-related initiatives, so our goals were to increase the number of project hours, resulting in increased impact to our communities and youth volunteers. Affiliates were also asked to demonstrate how their Big Build initiative would be used as a recruitment opportunity for new volunteers.

YVCHQ awarded nine affiliates with a Big Build Grant, totaling over $150,000 in funding for construction-related service projects. These initiatives included revitalizing a recreational campsite, building a prototype of a sustainable home with Engineers Without Borders, constructing an inclusive ropes course, and more.

Retroactive Sunderland Grant

The Retroactive Sunderland Grant is an opportunity for funding to be available on a rolling basis to YVC affiliates for construction projects that they have already completed. Please review the guidelines below before applying for this grant.

Apply here and stay tuned for more details about recipients.

Health and Wellness Projects- Youth Volunteer Grant

The Health and Wellness Projects Grant was developed to support youth-created and youth-led service projects that promote health and wellness in the communities that YVC impacts. YVC’s International Youth Advisory Board served as the grant administrators, review panel, and had the responsibility of selecting the recipients of the Health and Wellness Projects Grant. Two grants were awarded to projects in Calgary and St. Joseph.

  • Calgary youth volunteers submitted a project entitled “Strong Students,” and was awarded $300. Youth volunteers will come together to build a garden at a local university where university students, and high school students utilizing public study spaces, may take a break from their stressful days and focus on their personal mental health and wellbeing through therapeutic gardening.
  • St. Joseph submitted a project entitled “Compassion Cards,” and was awarded $200.  Youth volunteers will meet to create and develop positive messages addressing anti-bullying, coping mechanisms, depression, suicide, and general positive thoughts. The cards will also have support phone numbers including a bullying report line and suicide hotline. Volunteers will place these “compassionate cards” on lockers when students may feel increased stress, such as during testing season, graduation, or the holidays.

YVCHQ Summit Grant

YVC’s Summit conference is held every year, celebrating and bringing together the YVC network. In 2019, this conference will be held in Kansas City, MO, where youth volunteers, YVC staff, and youth volunteer alumni will participate in workshops, service projects, and activities with peers from all over the YVC network. YVC Headquarters awarded this grant to support affiliates in bringing both adults and youth to Summit in Kansas City. This year’s Summit grants will total over $16,000.

International Youth Advisory Board

For the second year in a row, YVC’s International Youth Advisory Board will receive funding to attend Summit. IYAB’s only in-person meeting is hosted at Summit, so attendance is strongly encouraged for all members. This grant will cover IYAB members’ Summit reimbursements up to $300 each, totaling $6,000 of funding.

Affiliate of the Year

The 2019 Affiliate of the Year was given to St. Joseph, MO, at Summit. This is the top honor for YVC affiliates and includes a $1,000 grant awarded at Summit.

The Beauty and Praise of Altruists Foundation

Through a generous donation from The Beauty and Praise of Altruists Foundation, Youth Volunteer Corps will provided twenty youth volunteers scholarships to attend the 2019 Summit. Thank you to BPAF’s continued support in helping bring our amazing youth volunteers to Summit!