2016 YVC World-Changer Award: Leo Wang

2016 World-Changer - Leo Wang

Many adults would consider it an accomplishment to volunteer 1,000 hours in a lifetime. Meanwhile, a few incredible youth serve that many hours before turning 19.

Meet Leo Wang, a volunteer with YVC of Calgary. He recently broke the record for the most hours served with YVC in our recorded history. Leo has served 1,225 hours with YVC of Calgary so far, and at just 17 years old, he’s still volunteering and racking up even more hours.

Leo has served with YVC of Calgary for just over three years, so yes, he’s averaging 400 hours per year! He can’t pick a favorite project because he thinks they’re all great, but over the years he’s made a difference in his community through all kinds of projects, from soup kitchens to retirement homes.

Does Leo’s name sound familiar to you? It may be because his brother Maichael earned the World-Changer Award in 2015. We’re impressed with the dedication to service from the entire Wang family, and we wonder whether some friendly sibling rivalry may be born out of Leo’s new record!

Congratulations, Leo, and thank you for your many hours of service!



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