2016 Affiliate of the Year: YVC of Newport News


Congratulations to YVC of Newport News, the 2016 Affiliate of the Year! Not only do they earn this top accolade, but this year the award also comes with a $1,000 grant from YVC Headquarters.

Youth Volunteer Corps of Newport News (Hampton Roads) was launched in 2009 as the very first independent YVC program. It has steadily grown since, deepening its roots in the Hampton Roads community and expanding its reach.

Last year, 428 youth served 9,050 hours with YVC of Newport News, making this their best year yet! They helped 30 local agencies on 122 different projects.

But the numbers only tell part of the story. Ask the 12-year-old Youth Volunteer who discovered that he loved volunteering, even if his parents made him serve on his first YVC project. Ask the mother who told us her daughter’s perspective changed when she worked at a food distribution center and learned to be grateful for what her family has. These stories and thousands of others tell the real impact that YVC of Newport News has on their community.

Thank you to the YVC of Newport News staff, including YVC board member and YVC of Newport News Executive Director Laurie Sepanski, and Youth Volunteers for your impact on your community!

The 2016 Affiliate of the Year was announced during the Award Ceremony at the YVC Summit. We’re celebrating the 2016 award winners this week on the blog. Stay tuned to meet this year’s Program Director of the Year, New Affiliate of the Year and more.




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