10 Simple Fundraising Ideas for Youth

6.30.15 10 Simple Fundraising Ideas for Youth


Need some extra funds for a unique service project, leadership event or even attending the Youth Volunteer Corps Summit? No problem, we’ve got you covered! Try one (or a few!) of these tried and true methods:

  1. Hold a bbq outside a local grocery store or popular spot in town. Sell hot dogs and hamburgers for a few dollars for a low-cost meal. Make sure to also have a donation jar out and encourage people to give a little extra for your cause.
  2.  Solicit sponsors from local businesses. Then, make sure to take a group photo when you hold your project or attend the event and share it with sponsors to share in their lobbies. Think creatively about how you can feature as many sponsors as possible for your project. If you’re driving to an event, ask businesses to sponsor a 60-mile stretch and hang a sign with their name in the window of your van for the distance they sponsored. If you’re volunteering over a few hours, encourage people to sponsor an hour of your project and make sure to celebrate them that hour!
  3.  Write a letter to friends and family explaining that you’re raising funds for a cause. You can even ask relatives for cash for your birthday instead of a gift to raise money for your cause.
  4.  Host a bake sale at a summer festival.
  5.  Organize a car wash(or a few!).
  6.  Connect with local restaurants to see if they may be willing to share a portion of their profits to your cause.
  7.  Auction off yourself and some fellow Youth Volunteers for a work day. Local families can pay to have the group do yard work for the day.
  8.  Host a group yard sale. Gather donated items from your family, and band with some other youth to throw an epic garage sale.
  9.  Sell concessions at a local sporting event. Many professional or semi-professional teams allow organizations to work concessions and keep a portion of the profits.
  10.  Host a backyard movie night. Find full details and how-to here.
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