10 Reasons to Launch a Summer Youth Service Program

How to start a summer teen service program


The freezing temperatures may say otherwise, but it’s time to start planning summer service projects! Are you wondering whether a summer youth service program might be right for your community? We’ve got 10 reasons why summer volunteering will benefit your community:

  1. 1. Studies have shown that all youth experience summer learning loss if they aren’t involved in some kind of educational program during the summer. Participating in a summer service program that incorporates service-learning into every project is a great way to ensure that youth head back to school in the fall ready to take on the new school year.
  2. 2. Why have youth sitting at home bored when they could be changing the world? Youth have given us all kinds of reviews on their experience volunteering during the summer with YVC, but by far the most common reaction was that it was FUN!
  3. 3. An inclusive, community-wide summer program brings together youth who may not get the chance to interact during the school year. Public school, private school and homeschooled students from urban, suburban and rural areas can serve alongside each other and learn that their differences are much fewer than their similarities.
  4. 4. Time and again youth who serve on summer volunteer projects tell us their lives have been transformed in ways that just aren’t possible through the short-term volunteer projects offered throughout the school year.
  5. 5. Youth who volunteer become adults who volunteer, so getting youth hooked on volunteering during their summers can lead them to becoming lifelong advocates for your community.
  6. 6. Devoting a portion of their summer breaks to volunteering has lifelong effects on youth. We have heard hundreds of stories like this over the years, but one of our favorites is this story a mother told us on how a summer with YVC affected her son.
  7. 7. Since summer projects generally last a whole week, it gives you a great opportunity to build deeper relationships with the agencies the youth are serving, which can lead to collaboration and volunteer opportunities throughout the year.
  8. 8. Youth unemployment remains high, meaning it’s hard for youth to find summer jobs where they can learn basic skills and work ethic. Volunteering is a great way to develop these skills, including timeliness, ability to work under different managers, professionalism, teamwork and more.
  9. 9. YVC has all the tools you need to plan a life-changing summer youth service program. Just follow our easy-to-understand summer handbook, and you’ll be on your way to an unforgettable summer service experience.
  10. 10. Best of all, we are waiving all affiliation dues for summer-only YVC programs this year, so there’s nothing holding you back from making a difference in your community.

YVC is expanding throughout the U.S. and Canada! Email Taylor Neff today to learn more about launching a summer youth service program in your community. Join communities everywhere that are giving youth the chance to change their piece of the world.