10 (MORE) Ways to Thank Youth Volunteers


Happy National Volunteer Week! Make sure to take a moment to thank the inspiring Youth Volunteers in your life this week and throughout the year.

Need some ideas? Check out our first list of 10 Ways to Thank Youth Volunteers. We also asked our International Youth Advisory Board how they appreciate being thanked for their service for 10 new ideas:

  1.  Our youth all agreed that the best thank-you is receiving an award for their service. This doesn’t have to be a fancy trophy or anything. What they appreciate is earning an award or honor that they can list on college and scholarship applications, so just a simple certificate to designate a meaningful distinction can be perfect.
  2. Host a fun teambuilding outing for a group of volunteers. Youth Volunteer Corps of Alpena, MI, recently invited a group of their Youth Volunteers for a fun night of laser tag. They invited youth who had completed a certain number of service hours. Worried about the cost? Ask around to family fun centers, movie theaters, etc. to see if these businesses might donate an hour of fun to these deserving youth.
  3. Make sure youth are able to serve on meaningful projects where they can truly see the impact. This may not seem like a way to say thank-you, but our youth board said that simply seeing the looks on the people’s faces they are serving is the best thank-you!
  4.  Create a video or slideshow at the end of the year or service opportunity with funny and memorable moments from the project. Try to make sure that all volunteers involved make the video. For a shorter-term project, make a photo collage of 3-4 photos and print a 4×6 copy for every volunteer.
  5.  Host an end-of-year banquet to celebrate the accomplishments of the year. Don’t worry about making it too elaborate. Even a potluck dinner can be a fun way for youth to celebrate their accomplishments. This is a great way to give out any awards or honors for specific volunteers.
  6.  You can’t go wrong with offering snacks or lunch as a thank-you. These are always appreciated!
  7.  Offer immediate and specific praise when individual volunteers are doing a great job. This can help build confidence and even develop skills for the job when youth know that they’re doing a great job at a specific task.
  8.  Send a quick thank-you note!
  9. Offer a shout-out on social media to the volunteers. Tag either the program they were serving with or individual volunteers where appropriate.
  10.  Ask for the youth’s feedback and ideas on new programming or a future project. This helps youth see that their input is valuable and helps create lasting change.

How do you thank your volunteers? Share your ideas in the comments!

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